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Head Coach Announcement.

The club has taken the difficult decision to release our Head Coach, Gary Stevens, from his contract for financial reasons.

Gary has been a huge asset to the club since his arrival last August and has helped players and coaches at all levels of the club improve their skills. He made an immediate impact, bringing a new level of professionalism to our approach and developing an expansive game plan enjoyed by players and spectators alike.

Gary has overseen a real improvement in the team’s performance on the pitch, helping the club establish itself as a competitive National League Division 1 side and taking us to the National Cup final in April.

Gary has been very understanding of the situation and is working closely with us to ensure a smooth transition for the players.

We would like to thank Gary for his contribution to the club over the past fifteen months and wish him well in his next coaching role.

Bruce Millar and Adam Roxburgh will continue as first team coaches for the remainder of the season.

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