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200+ Club

200 club winners for January £60. I. Lathangie. No.38 £40. D. Slater. No.80 £20. J .Dryden. No.118 £10. No. Not taken. No.171 FEBRUARY. £60. I. Fairley. No.187 £40. M. Meek. No.69 £20. R. Hogarth. No191. £10. D. Whitson. No.55 MARCH. £60. W. Mallen. No.135 £40. Not Taken. No 160 £20. M. Walker. No63 £10. A.. Peoples. No 108 Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions the March winning cheques will not be issued till after restrictions have been lifted, This will apply to all future draws until further notice. Many Thanks Ivor Hill.

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