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Clive Millar Sponsored Walk

Clive Millar Sponsored Walk will take place on Saturday the 17th & Sunday 18th June 2023, Myerside to Poynder Park (56 miles).

The walk will be split over the two days each day will be roughly 28 miles.

Day 1

Myreside to Dobbie’s 7 miles 7am-9:30am

Dobbie’s to Gorebridge 6.5 miles 9:45am-12pm

Gorebridge to Dug Inn 3 miles 12pm-1pm

Dug Inn to Stow 11.5miles 1:30pm-5:30pm

Day 2

Stow to Earlston 11 miles 8am-12pm

Earlston to Clintmains 6 miles 12:30pm-2:30pm

Clintmains to Floors Castle 9 miles 2:45pm-6pm

Floors Castle to Poynder Park 1 mile 6:15pm-6:45pm

The cost to join the walk is £30pp additional sponsorship can also be sough. If you wish to join the walk could you please advise of which day, part of the walk or all the walk you intend to join.

During the walk there will be a vehicle following in the case of any injuries sustained or any other reason this will pick them up and take them to the rest of the route or allow a rest period and then the participant can continue if possible.

Any further information required please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Eric - 07831412873

Colin - 07772862544

Scott - 07818504834

Email completed forms too either:

Colin Dumma -

PAYMENT - Please pay onto the just giving page with your name and state entry money, link below.

Please find attached Entry Form and Sponsor Form.

Download PDF • 361KB

Download PDF • 175KB


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